Welcome to the page for frequently asked questions or FAQ for short.

We hope you find the following list helpful:


All quotations given and orders placed with Distinguished Designs are subject to the terms listed below.

1. Samples: Unfortunately, we cannot supply our samples free of charge, which are $15 each. These will be invoiced separately. Samples are not included in your total order.

2. Designs: Due to the unusual nature of the materials, Distinguished Designs cannot guarantee that those materials used in our portfolio samples will be available for the customers sample or final product. In the event of suppliers discontinuing materials, Distinguished Designs reserves the right to use replacement materials which are as close to the original as possible and will seek the customer’s approval where practicable. Distinguished Designs will not copy or reproduce other people’s designs without written permission from the original designer.

3. Minimum Order: There is no minimum order.

4. Quotes/Pricing: Please note, that on consultation dates, we will not be able to give a precise quote for ALL Stationery. We will however be able to give a rough idea of pricing, and give guidance if the customer is working around a particular budget. A precise quote will be provided when sample(s) are sent out to customers.

5. Deposit: All orders need to be secured with a 50% deposit. Orders cannot be secured until the deposit is received. Please note that Distinguished Designs has a limit of the amount of events per month and orders will not be guaranteed for a specific date until the deposit has been paid. If we do not receive a deposit for a lengthy period after sample(s) have been dispatched/collected, Distinguished Designs cannot guarantee that materials for the chosen stationery will be available at this point. Work will not commence until the deposit has been received in full.

6. Advertising: Distinguished Designs reserves the right to use images of your Stationery after your event date for advertising purposes. Images of your Stationery will not be released until this point. All phone numbers and addresses will not be displayed in photos, whilst on display in the showroom, or at exhibitions for customer privacy.

7. Corrections: Distinguished Designs will not be held responsible for any incorrect spelling, unless at our own error. The person responsible for ordering will be asked to check names, dates, times and other details when samples are received. The customer is then responsible to inform us of any corrections that need to be made. When guest names, guest addresses, hymns and other required details are being submitted via email, Distinguished Designs will type the details as they are received, therefore it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that these are correct before they are sent to us.

8. Cancellations: Samples fees and deposits will not be refunded when orders are cancelled.

9. Collection/Postage & Package: Stationery can be collected from Distinguished Designs when complete. If delivery is required it is the customer’s responsibility to pay for delivery charges. Distinguished Designs takes no responsibility for the products once they have been posted. All orders will be registered and posted via Australia Post. They will require a signature on delivery.

10. Loss/Damages/Delays: Distinguished Designs takes no responsibility for any loss, damages or delays caused, once the product(s) have left our premises. All delivery will be recorded. We do, however, take responsibility for goods that have been damaged in our possession.

11. Completion: Samples generally are completed and ready for dispatch or collection 14-21 days after the consultation, unless notified. We inform the customer when samples are complete so that they can collect them, or expect them in the post. Wedding Stationery orders will be received at various stages in the weeks prior to the Wedding.

12. Final Payment: This is to be received, in full, on collection or before dispatch. Cheques will not be accepted. Account details can be found on the invoice. Cash on pick up is also accepted.